Wood Stork Black Forest made Spiced Rum

A first spiced rum from the Black Forest

Rum – A sugar cane distillate that becomes a spiced rum as soon as ingredients other than the base ingredient sugar cane are added to it.
From now on, Bimmerle KG will sell a Black Forest version of such a spiced rum under the brand WOOD STORK. The sugar cane for WOOD STORK, which comes from South America, is fermented in the local Black Forest, i.e. mixed with yeast and enzymes to produce alcohol, and distilled on copper stills in Bimmerle’s own distillery. The resulting rum is refined with various ingredients “from all over the world”. There is also chili from China, cocoa from the Ivory Coast, ginger from Australia and, for the special Black Forest character, spruce and fir honey from the Black Forest.

The WOOD STORK brand advertises with the slogan “Travel the World. Spread your wings. Find your own Adventure.” and clearly underlines that this product is an interesting adventure on many levels.

Visually, Bimmerle KG surprises with a cylindrical, dark glass bottle, a rather unusual choice for the rum category. Ann-Kathrin Metzner, Head of Marketing, explains “WOOD STORK is a surprise, both visually and in taste. The experience is in the foreground. The combination of wood look, copper foil and paper label gives a small clue as to what is hidden in the bottle. In this way, we stimulate curiosity about the content and send those interested on a taste-intensive journey.”

The taste base of Bimmerle’s WOOD STORK Spiced Rum is unmistakably the strong, intense rum distillate from the Black Forest. Superficially, notes of cocoa and coffee characterize the taste. A vanilla sweetness and the typical taste of honey give a nice depth, which is completed by bitter notes and a spiciness from chili and ginger in the finish.

At www.woodstork-rum.de, Bimmerle KG offers a clickable trip around the world on which WOOD STORK can be explored in more detail. The history, the creation process and the design concept of WOOD STORK are described in more detail here. For those interested and bartenders, new cocktail videos about Bimmerle Spiced Rum are uploaded at regular intervals. A blog rounds off the modern design of the website promises “updates about trade fairs, tastings, product developments and adventures,” says Metzner.

The website is supplemented by a Facebook account and an Instagram profile.