Only the Black Forest tastes this unique: with heart and soul and Black Forest spruce needles, our NEEDLE BLACK FOREST Gin has quickly captured the hearts of gin lovers.

The secret of our gin is its outstanding quality, complemented by a number of Black Forest details – such as the hand-picked local botanicals or the rarely used single-batch distillation process. In a class of its own!

All you need
is Gin

All you need is Needle Gin

Needle Black Forest Gin

All you need is Needle Gin. The Black Forest in a bottle. Distilled using the finest juniper and hand-picked spruce needles for the absolute Black Forest experience

Black Forest gin made from Black Forest spruce needles
Distilled in a single-batch process
Best-selling German gin
CO2-neutral distillation
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The masterpiece among gins

Needle Masterpiece Gin

The masterpiece among gins. With a high mixability due to 45% alcohol by volume and many intensified botanicals, the Masterpiece is in a class of its own for high-quality long drink and cocktail creations

High Mixability
Eye-catching look including pewter label
Only genuine with Wendelin’s signature
May be used in a variety of ways
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The perfect companion

Needle Gin Tonic

The perfect companion for on the go – Needle Gin x Tonic. In this 330 ml can, our Needle Gin meets a perfectly balanced tonic water and a hint of grapefruit. An ice-cold highlight for every excursion, every hike or simply the classic We-GinTonic.

Perfect companion for on the go
10% alcohol by volume
Co2-neutral distillation and bottling
Recyclable packaging
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Our Signature Cocktail

Needle Cucumber FIZZ

  • little cucumber,
  • 4 cl Lemon juice,
  • 4 cl Needle Gin,
  • 2 cl Elderflower syrup,
  • Tonic Water
  • Ice cubes

Peel strips from the cucumber using a vegetable peeler. Fill a glass with ice cubes and arrange the cucumber strips in it. Mix the lemon juice with Needle Gin and elderflower syrup, pour into the glass and top up with tonic water.



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