Mastering the fine art

From fruit to brandy, from spruce to gin and from grain to whisky. All of these are processes of our production. With pioneering technology and a high level of vertical integration, we work highly efficiently and, of course, sustainably. We are the first German distillery to cover our heat and energy requirements from regional resources.

And you can see exactly how the fruit gets into the bottle here, step by step.

In most cases, the production process of a spirit begins with maceration or fermentation – the extraction of alcohol via fermentation. This process takes place in stainless steel tanks and is closely monitored.

During the subsequent distillation on ultra-modern copper stills from the Black Forest, we attach particular importance to the exact separation of the middle cut – also known as the centrepiece – which guarantees the unique quality of our distillates.

We refine selected brandies by storing them in new barrels made from different woods or in wooden barrels previously filled with sherry, cognac or bourbon, so that the distillates have enough time to develop their beautiful flavour and internalise the character of the barrels.

In this way, they mature in the BIMMERLE PRIVATE DISTILLERY to become a unique pleasure. The distillates develop fine caramel and vanilla notes as well as light roasted flavours.

Dedicated and qualified employees at BIMMERLE PRIVATE DISTILLERY ensure that our wide range of spirits are filled into a wide variety of bottle shapes.

Sophisticated bottling systems and modern labelling and packaging technology guarantee a smooth process.

Through our in-house logistics service, we make a final impression on our customers. This is of crucial importance to us. For this reason, we have our own fleet of vehicles and offer various logistics and shipping solutions.