This is how recruiting 2.0 works

Bimmerle personnel management

Employee acquisition has become a challenge in recent years. Positions in the industrial sector in particular are more difficult to fill. To put an end to this, the Bimmerle Private Distillery from the Black Forest thought about breaking new ground with a self-written song, the accompanying music video and, above all, a lot of employee initiative.

The Bimmerle Private Distillery is known beyond its domestic borders as a leading German manufacturer of spirits. The medium-sized company from Sasbach has a staff of just over 100 employees, which is constantly growing. But here the distillery is faced with a problem.

“We have been faced with the challenge of filling our positions with suitable personnel for several years now. The trend, especially among the younger generations, is towards studying, but as a manufacturer of spirits, we rely on manpower, especially in the industrial sector. Mainly by in recent years, we have found in our rural headquarters that young, motivated personnel in the industrial sector are difficult to reach via print, as the majority of young people move to the big city. In order to address this situation, our marketing department has come up with a new and special way of recruiting employees,” says Managing Director Michael Dresel.

We burn spirits with spirit, that’s the name of the almost 2-minute creative concept from the marketing department, in which the warehouse management and the bottling area are presented via rap. “When the human resources department came to us and asked for support, it was clear to us that we had to do something different. Of course, job advertisements in print and online are essential, but everyone does that and it obviously only works to a limited extent. So we thought about what excites us and what we think is cool – across all departments. It quickly became clear: music connects people and rappers and vocal acrobats like Apache 207 and Capital Bra have been topping the German single charts for years. Their target group and ours probably overlap in many areas, so we wrote a rap and added a bit of business elegance with a melodic refrain,” says Ann-Kathrin Metzner, Head of Marketing and initiator of the campaign.

The special thing: only employees of the Bimmerle Private Distillery took part. Raphael Huber, shift manager on one of 3 bottling lines, shows and pays for the filling. Sebastian Baumann, as assistant to the production manager, has already gone through all departments once and presents Bimmerle KG’s warehouse management in the music video.

“We were very happy to be able to show the female side of an industrial company,” said Melissa Teichmann, purchasing clerk and one of the 3 elevator graces. She is supported by Tanja Bross, also purchasing, and Jasmin Nastase from marketing.

“In order to show as much of the team as possible, we added the bridge, which means that another 20 colleagues from bottling, production and warehouse call for applications in the elevator. Let’s get together now, apply now in our company – For me this is perhaps the best part of the campaign, because here I, as a potential applicant, am approached directly by my future crew and shown who we are as Bimmerle Private Distillery and how we function as a team,” Metzner continued.

The video is communicated via the Bimmerle Private Distillery’s social media brand channels and is a main component of further employee communication and acquisition. Further verses are already being planned to show production, distillery and administrative positions.

The Bimmerle Private Distillery would like to thank its entire team, which made such an extensive, independent production possible.

Lyrics: Ann-Kathrin Metzner / Marketing
Script: Lisa Himmelsbach,
Ann-Kathrin Metzner / Marketing
Director: Lisa Himmelsbach, Ann-Kathrin Metzner, Jasmin Nastase / Marketing
Camera & editing: Lisa Himmelsbach / Marketing

  • Raphael Huber / Bottling
  • Sebastian Baumann / Production
  • Melissa Teichmann / Purchasing
  • Tanja Bross / Purchasing
  • Jasmin Nastase / Marketing
  • Bimmerle Crew / Production, Bottling, Warehouse