Red Dot Design Award 2022


For several years now, the Bimmerle distillery has no longer exclusively stood for high-quality fruit brandies from the Black Forest. With the Needle Black Forest Gin brand, Bimmerle is now one of the best-selling gins in Germany. This spring, after 3 years of maturation, the family company’s portfolio was expanded to include two new products in the whiskey category. Under the EVERMANN brand, which is synonymous with a family distillery from the Black Forest, a Black Forest Blended Whiskey matured in 4 barrels and a Black Forest Single Malt matured in 7 barrels are sold in restaurants and on the shelves of German supermarkets.

The distinctive bottle design was created in collaboration with the design agency WIN Creating Images, who opted for a Black Forest-typical look for the whiskey brand. A bottle design with recognition value: the fir trees from the EVERMANN logo that are typical of the Black Forest decorate the bottle body, a hand-applied brass ring, a high-quality label design and the dark-glazed wooden handle cork with EVERMANN engraving complete the Black Forest character.

Ann-Kathrin Metzner, Head of Marketing at Bimmerle KG, is particularly proud to be able to include the Red Dot Design Award 2022 in the series of awards: “We are very pleased about the award because our aim is to provide consumers with a to serve an all-round harmonious product. If we can convince so well not only in terms of quality but also design, we are of course particularly pleased – goal achieved.”