Lörch Old Mirabelle brandy

With outstanding Black Forest quality, Bimmerle KG conquers the hearts of the British and serves mirabelle plum brandy at tea time

A special evening that stands for quality, commitment and passion. The IWSC Awards Banquet celebrates the industry’s most outstanding achievements every year.

At London’s Guildhall, the evening of November 14th is dedicated purely to enjoying beautiful things. The Gold Award winners are available for a tasting – including the Lörch Mirabelle brandy – which has completed Bimmerle KG’s product portfolio for more than 20 years.

The managing directors Werner and Nicolai Benz personally accept the award for the best fruit brandy in the world, building on last year’s great success. In 2017, the highly aromatic raspberry spirit from the Lörch brand received the trophy. Here too, the Benz gentlemen were there to accept the award with Black Forest passion. Back in 2013, when the “Fruit Spirit Trophy” was presented for the first time, Bimmerle KG took home the award.