Medium-sized companies are now doing AI - this is how the Bimmerle Private Distillery & Sons of Motion Pictures breathe life into a whisky brand. In the summer of 2022, the Bimmerle Private Distillery launched its EVERMANN whisky with the two varieties Theo, blended whisky, and Wilhelm, single malt. Now the brand's first TV spot follows. The whiskey characters now come to life through an AI.

The Bimmerle Private Distillery has been selling two Black Forest whiskys under the EVERMANN brand since June 2022. The blended whisky Theo EVERMANN with 40% vol stands for the American-inspired adventurer with high mixability. Wilhelm EVERMANN, the single malt whisky with 42% vol, embodies the tradition-conscious Black Forest.

At Bimmerle, it was clear from the launch of the brand that the products would represent two different characters of the EVERMANN family thanks to their unique barrel management and that communication would have to be the interface between product and character. “Our briefing to the agencies was simple: We are looking for someone who manages to combine our real world, i.e. product, production and sales, and the fictional character world of Theo and Wilhelm, in the form of two different portrayals with a lot of charm and humor. It then matched directly with the SONS and the exciting and diverse use of an AI. It was clear to us that this spot could take risks and be courageous and the topic of AI offered exactly this adventure,” says Ann-Kathrin Metzner, Head of Marketing.

Managing director and director Roman Rögner of Sons of Motion GmbH is enthusiastic about his team’s use of AI. Although we filmed the people in real life, parts of the script, the visual motifs and the very complex textures of the people were then significantly supported by the AI. Of course, you shouldn’t forget how much manpower is still needed from the creative concept, through customer contact, to the final product as a basis,” says Rögner.

Bimmerle relies on its long-standing partner crossvertise GmbH to distribute the spot. A comprehensive campaign strategy was developed together that guides potential customers from the device to the POS. The spot and the associated content pieces are played, among other things. on TV on the DMAX channel, on Connected TB on the streaming platforms Netlfix, Sky, RTL+, Joyn, Samsung TV Plus, DAZN and Freevee and as well as at the POS with DOOH and OOH motifs.

There’s only one question left to ask: “So which EVERMANN are you?”