„A Black Forest Journey“ by Needle Gin

First image film for the Black Forest brand

On Sunday morning it was time for Needle Blackforest Gin fans to take a look. The Bimmerle Private Distillery launched the Needle brand’s first image film on its social media channels.

The two and a half minute storyteller shows two parallel stories that link both the Black Forest and the production of gin in an emotional Black Forest journey.

“Needle Gin has developed into a sought-after brand in recent years and of course our gin has earned its own storyteller. With this film we managed to capture the most beautiful and exciting sides of Needle Gin and make them tangible for our fans, followers, viewers and gin lovers,” says Ann-Kathrin Metzner, Head of Marketing at Bimmerle Private Distillery and responsible for the Implementation of the film.

The Black Forest Journey was of course filmed in the Black Forest – on the Kniebis, in the local Oppenau Forest and in the in-house distillery in Sasbach, near Achern. “In the meantime, we were working with a team of 17 people. Camera, lighting, actors, make-up etc. – all in our beautiful Black Forest. This shoot showed how strongly the Needle Gin brand can actually connect and what identity stands behind the brand,” reports Laura Klotz, marketing student at Bimmerle. The project was implemented in collaboration with the Renchen team from Kühn Media. “Working with a team from the region was a complete success for us,” says Metzner.

The trailer for the film was released on Friday, showing a short version of the film in a concentrated 30 seconds and specifically placing Needle Gin in the foreground. The trailer will also be shown in German cinemas in the gin’s distribution area in the future. The spots will also be advertised as part of a larger campaign on the brand’s online and social media channels.

About the content of the film:

The Black Forest Journey starts with a Black Forest sunrise that is second to none, and the next scene leads directly into the spruce coniferous forest. It later becomes clear that the master distiller of the distillery is there harvesting the spruce needles needed for Needle Gin. A drone shot takes the viewer to the next situation and the second story begins.

A group of young adults drive through the Black Forest in off-road vehicles to find their destination at a wooden hut. Once there, the main character of the film, the Needle Blackforest Gin, appears for the first time in a beautiful close-up. From then on, the two stories continue to play out in parallel. The master distiller distills and tastes the spruce spirit while the group enjoys their trip to the Black Forest. The last scene shows the Needle Gin bottle and glass as well as the Needle Gin Tonic can, and is also supported by a sound logo.

You can see the finished end result in full here: